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For subscription information or service, please contact Customer Service at:
Phone: 800-952-6643 • Fax:  847-763-9538

Corporate Office:
550 W Merrill St
Suite 200
Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone : (248) 362-3700
Fax: (248) 362-0317

Group Publisher: Janelle Minghine
(734) 340-5211

Associate Publisher & Editorial Director: Tanja Kern
(417) 818-4429

Managing Editor: Beth Miller

Multimedia Editor: Samantha Geiger

Art Director: Shannon Shortt

Production Manager: Laura Leman

Senior Brand Marketing Manager: Jasmine E’Lon Suggs

Corporate Reprint Manager: Stacey Hurley
(248) 786-1662

List Rental:
Please contact your sales rep.

Directory Development Manager: Erin Mygal

Audience Marketing Coordinator: Emily Clemons

Corp. Integrated Media Manager: Megan Neel  

Audience Audit Manager: Anna C. Silvestri

Single Copy Sales:


Panel and Research Director:  Ariane Claire

Chief HR & Infrastructure Officer: Rita M. Foumia

Chief Production Officer Vincent M. Miconi

Chief Financial Officer: Lisa L. Paulus

Chief Creative Officer: Michael T. Powell

Chief Operating Officer: Nikki Smith

Chief Event Officer: Scott Wolters

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